Brain Fog

One aspect of mitochondrial disease and the effects that wears me out the most, is brain fog.  There are some days I spend the entire day just spinning my wheels going in circles, days where nothing I try to do gets done or else it’s not done according to the way I would normally do it.  At best, these days can be a blur and at their worst I forget them all together.  I recently saw a posting on a social media related to this, and the caption was about some new study and drug advancement.  The lead statement was basically “tired of losing things and trying to find them”.  I responded to the post, trying to be funny but serious at the same time when I said, “losing something yes, but more often than not, after five minutes, I don’t even remember having it or looking for it to begin with, so it’s alright”.

Anyway, I saw a video this morning and thought it was a good take on brain fog so I am sharing it with you all.

Chronic Illness on The Mighty