I am just so stressed out

I am just so stressed out, just common words often said or heard on a daily basis. The world is a bit of a cruel place in that regards with its hustle and bustle it can keep even the best a little stressed out at times. So when you add Mitochondrial disease into this mix your added with a new set of hurtles to jump over. You want to talk about being stressed out to the max but wait here’s more. Stress is the one component that Mito patients should not have because it can factor into more suffering.

In a section one the website of United Mitochondrial disease foundation (UMDF) Treatments & Therapies. it states this

Avoidance of Physiologic Stress

Physiologic stress is triggered by external factors that may result in worsening the metabolic situation, which may result in temporary or permanent worsening of the condition. It is impossible to avoid all physiologic stressful conditions, so one should not attempt to do so. However, recognizing what may be stressful for patients allows one to adjust the lifestyle. Many patients and their parents have already identified these stresses, despite not knowing why the stresses were important, and avoid them.

Cold Stress is extremely important. Thermal regulation (temperature control) is not always normal in people with mitochondrial diseases and exposure to cold can result in severe heat loss and trigger an energy crisis. When going out into the cold, all exposed body parts should be covered, and exposure to extreme cold should be avoided for anything more than a short period. Over bundling can be a problem too (see below).

Heat Stress can be a problem in some people. This is especially true of those with an inability to sweat normally. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke may occur on hot days. It is typical for parents to describe that their child seems to “wilt” in situations like hot classrooms or direct sunlight, whereas the other children function normally. Light clothing is important. Patients should avoid direct sunlight on hot days and stay indoors if it is too warm outside. An air-conditioned environment may be needed.

So what is to most just the way it is (stress) to us is actually harmful causing more symptoms. They say stress can cause physical problems in a persons life and this is true we know it all to well. That coupled with what we have to go through since this illness is invisible to the naked eye. How many times have you heard but you looks good after talking about your disease. I can only say God bless the ignorance because they know not what they do. It does make it worse harder on us when treated this way.

I wish there was a cure or remedy here but the truth is there isn’t but maybe the just know it ourselves can take a little of the sting out. We can not walk around in glass bubbles in avoidance of stress but maybe if we just think about it slightly from the angle of its causes we can recognize it and thus avoid it ourselves.


Looking for a cure

A cure may be on its way through stem cell research being done probably as I write this article I am sure. But for those of us caught up in this rat race feeling like the guinea pig of the medical machine what are we to do now. A cure for the future will be great and I don’t want to steal away any mad scientist’s accolades. But the truth is we are here now suffering without much reprieve.

A change in diet a handful of supplements and on you go. Now keep your chin up it could be worst, it can always be worse. Oh yes and we can never forget the I’ll see you again in 2, 6 or even 12 months from now but do call if something changes. But let’s not bring up that conversation of how their phones lines are all automated now and you will be luck to get a call back in a couple of day.

Please do not miss read me here because I do not believe these things are the doctors faults entirely. For one they didn’t give us this disease, but two the bureaucratic machine though now that beast we can blame for anything. Its what ties the Doctors hands really but I digress.

Looking for a cure that was are topic to which I am posting just a brief snippet from a website I have devoted a page to on my site. Oxygen Oasis Health by a friend and author. In it the author describes Six Pillars To Mito Health. I am still making my way through the reading but if the entirety is half as good as just the first part its a must read. The section call about the creator read that first and then if that doesn’t spark your interests well then you died and no need to read anything ha-ha.

First Pillar: Energy Conservation

What happens when you run out of “juice”?  Regardless of your energy source, if you use it all up, everything stops functioning.  Your body is no different.

At any given moment we each have an energy requirement that must be met through sufficient production of ATP.  Just as a battery becomes weak and the device begins to struggle to function until it simply can’t function anymore, so does our body when our energy demand begins to exceed what we are capable of producing.

Overexertion is dangerous; both over time and in some intense situations it can even become deadly.  In the 24/7 stress of the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, it is difficult not to burn the candle at both ends.  Whether one is facing health issues or not, this is not a healthy lifestyle.  When the body is functioning well, one might feel minor symptoms of fatigue or brain fog but tend not to feel the full impact of the physical, mental and emotional stress being applied.  However, those struggling with health issues, even just the common cold, will quickly realize the energy draining effect of even the most minor of tasks.