Since my onset with Mito life has been a struggle. My wife and I had no idea what had brought my sickness on. We both had thoughts of the what it could be or was it this or that. It was very difficult to say the least I had been healthy and then in just a matter of a little over a month I was just plain sick. I had symptoms that were all over the place and some of the Doctors were giving me that look. Anyway once I did finally get the diagnosis through a muscle biopsy we had an answer not a good one but a answer just the same.

I have spent countless hours combing the internet for relevant information on my disease Adult Mitochondrial disease. I use the qualifier Adult because I am an adult and honestly it make a world of difference in my opinion. A lot of the stuff I found relates to children with the disease whom it seems to effect I really don’t want to say differently but it is not quite the same. Also there are other issues I have and are relevant to me an adult.

So I have put this blog site together in the hopes that through a community of adults we can learn, grow and succeed in dealing with this thing we call Adult Mito. I want to thank in advance everyone who joins in for any contributions you make in helping battle the disease. Second I want to say that the information shared here will be from the patient end of thoughts or ideas. I am not nor do I see for the near future any professionals putting their thoughts in here. So what that means is take everything with a grain of salt. What is good for one may not be good for others and always consult your Doctor first. I want to help others and to be helped as well but I in no way want to be liable or nor would I hold someone else liable. There is no cure and treatment well you know its not a cure so there you have it.